Mechanic Services

For Hardin County Airport Manager and Mechanic Ed McCormick, aviation is in his blood. He jokes that he discovered that he wanted to be a pilot the day he was born in the Airbase Hospital on Travis Airforce Base in Fairfield California.

McCormick grew up around aviation, and it quickly became apart of his daily life.

“Being in aviation my entire life, the first time I flew I probably was just learning to ride a bicycle as well” said Ed.

Just days after his 16th birthday, Ed embarked on a solo flight for the first time in his 1946 Ercoupe.

Hardin County Airport Manager Ed McCormick services the power plant on a Piper airplane.

He started working on aircraft at a young age as well. Ed recalls back to being eight years old:

“My dad had an FBO (Fixed Based Operation) and I can remember using a step ladder to reach the bottom of the wing to open the inspection covers with my dad.” Ed Said

Ed is an APIA (Airframe, Power plant, and Inspection Authorization) Certified Mechanic. Ed received his A & P license in the early 1980’s and became an inspector in the early 1990’s.

Ed services small, single engine up to light twin pleasure and light business airplanes. He specializes in Piper aircraft.

“I grew up learning in a Piper dealership in the 1970’s and 1980’s so I know Piper’s top to bottom.”

The McCormick family opened their FBO in Hardin County in January of 1997. Ed and his Wife Nancy live on and manage the airport. Their children; James, Mickenzie, and Brandy – as well as granddaughter Riley – all work (or have worked) in the Family FBO business.

When asked if he ever gets tired of working on aircraft Ed said:

“Anyone that would tell you they didn’t get burned out would be a fool. But no, this is my passion and it’s all that I know.”

For Ed, it’s all about the fun. He has never flown for hire, to him, it’s all about the sport of aviation.